☞ Grunge and Graffiti ☜

Today was one of those amazing days, the sun was shining and I was spending time with one of my really good friends. We went out to take a couple of pictures in Embajadores, which is a very popular area in Madrid, where graffiti artist are welcomed to perform their art.  We used some of these graffiti as backgrounds for our pictures, and we thought they looked great! We thought the contrast between the walls and the white t-shirt that I was wearing looked casual but also had a very nice grungy feel to it, which was what we where looking for. After looking around the area for more amazing walls we took the Metro to go to Serrano, which is a very famous street in Madrid. We walked around and found some amazing places where we took a lot of pictures.

Because this was my second photo shoot I was much more confident then in the first one, so I experiment with different poses and with different facial expresions. I’ve had so much support these last few weeks and I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to the people that take time of their lives to look at my content. The clothing that we used and all the explanations about my fashion choices will be at the end. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy these photos and know that your comments are greatly appreciated. If you want to learn a little bit more about me then you are more than welcome to read the “about” section on my blog.


For the photo shoot I chose a casual and simple outfit so that it didn’t take away from the beautiful backgrounds we used. It was a bit inspired by the 4th of July, which I tried to represent by implementing the colors of the american flag.

We used red Vans as shoes, a white t-shirt form Zara, short jeans from Gap and bags from Fjällräven Kanken and Porter.

By  Jaime Correa ♘



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